Dahlia Cottage
Caerleon Road 
NP18 1GX
TEL: 01633 421212

Get fit the friendly way !!

We believe that everyone should have a right to get fit. But that doesn’t have to mean extreme workouts and overbearing personal trainers!

We’re different. Our Optimize Personal Trainers create customised exercise programmes that are designed to be enjoyable. The reason? If you enjoy doing them you’ll do them more often. And it works. We’ll hold your hand all the way from our first meeting and guide you gently towards a suitable exercise programme and a healthier lifestyle.

Train at home in Cardiff, Swansea and Newport

Get fit in the comfort of your own home in Cardiff, Swansea or Newport areas. Our trainers travel to you and you exercise in the privacy of your own home. Some of our clients even do it as a couple or a family.


Private Gym – in Caerleon, near Newport

If you live or work in the Newport, Cwmbran, Usk or Caerleon area why not come to us? All our fitness sessions are private, so you and your personal trainer will be the only ones there!